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How a street style maven dresses for the races

ACLER is the Adelaide-based label making it’s way into the closets of some of the world’s most fashionable women. We could produce a list longer than our race day hemlines, but let’s just leave it at Beyoncé. Because when one of the world’s most influential women and fashion icons chooses to wear your designs, you know that you have well and truly arrived.

So what has contributed to the ACLER success story? Well, we would have to say it is the same recipe that has made the name a permanent trackside fixture. Choosing to rebel against the cookie-cutter approach to design, each ACLER piece spends 12 months in development. During this time, each design is subtly redrafted and redraped along the way allowing the design to take on its own form, naturally. The end results are meticulously constructed pieces, which are a celebration of both organic sculptural shapes and refined minimalism.

Striking a successful balance between feminine draping and masculine tailoring, ACLER are a street style mavens dream. For the woman that doesn’t subscribe to a floral print dress code at the races, this means experimenting with shape and structure rather than print and colour.

With an ability to deliver feminine pieces with a distinctly contemporary twist, we turned to head designers Julia Ritorto and Kathryn Forth to find out how the street style maven dresses for The Races.


First up, how does the street style maven dress for the races…

Soft 80’s inspired tailoring is what the street style maven wears to the races. Always keeping it cool and understated with a divine oversized blazer and wide leg pant. Making a moment with her fabulous accessories including a custom brim felt hat by milliner Syly Earl and a killer pair of shoes and designer bag to finish the look.


For the woman who doesn’t wear floral prints, this season will be all about:

Polka dots – every time… or a glamorous beautiful lace piece. 


You can make a statement with block colours by:

Styling your entire outfit in the colour you choose. Choose a colour and commit to it.


If you are a pants kind of girl, make sure you:

Have the pant tailored to your body and ensure the hem length matches the height of your shoes. Never underestimate the power of tailoring your clothes …


If you don’t like wearing heels, the next best option is:

A designer ballet flat is a must then.


The blazer is making a comeback. What will be your ‘go-to’ this season?

Our go to this season will be the Penrith Blazer. For a winning race day look pair it with the Penrith Pant for a contemporary take on the pantsuit combination. Or pair it with a wide leg pant!


The street style trends that should never be seen at The Races:

T-shirt and jeans - never!


Our favourite racing moment:

Melbourne Cup last year at Flemington’s famous Birdcage to celebrate spring racing with Myer. Myer knows how to put on a great party.


How to pick an outfit that suits your personality:

Select an outfit that makes you feel amazing because fashion is such a personal thing. Also ensure you are prepared for the day by being super organized and having all your pieces ready to avoid last minute decisions and outfits you may regret once you get there.


Why do you think the ACLER woman is always so prominent during the racing season?

We love to design statement pieces within our collections, it’s what the ACLER women love to see from us. They take what we create and make it their own. It still excites us to see someone wearing what we have designed… it's always amazing.




Photos courtesy of See Want Shop and Style Snooper Dan

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