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Take your headpiece to new heights with Clip Joint and Evo Hair

Choosing a standard hairstyle for an outstanding headpiece is like serving a wagyu steak on a paper plate – you are kind of killing the vibe. Once you have chosen your headwear for your racing ensemble, you must not leave your hair as an afterthought. Choosing the best ‘do for your millinery is the difference between being snapped or snubbed by a street style photographer; do not waste your racewear glory.

Before you call your regular salon for some basic soft waves, consider your up-styling options. It does not have to be as complicated as our (incredible) inspiration shot, but with the right Evo Hair product preparations, your home-styling session will be an exceptional return on investment. Good product research teamed with the stability provided by Clip Joint’s expert pin pointers, plus the scope for growth should you want to alter your style during the day; it’s a guaranteed win.

Add movement to your mane for an effortlessly fine finish and showcase your sensational racing style. Not only does sweeping your hair off your face make your cheekbones more pronounced, the style is perfect for the Spring Carnivals, because everyone knows what happens when baby-hairs meet bubbles and a hot marquee.

Draw some inspiration from the above style and try Clip Joint’s hot half-up look here. 

Step 1: Section the top bit of your hair - about one third of the way down your head. Tie back with hair tie and thread half way through. 

hair-3 1

Step 2: Divide off the next section of hair underneath the top section. Thread that through half way with hair band.  

hair-3 2

Step 3: Using a bobby pin, thread through the bottom section to give texture. Spay with Evo Hair Builder's Paradise. Then finish with head band to give it the race day edge. 

hair-3 3


Photography: Street 3

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