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Hats Off to Sylvy Earl

They say do what you love, and that certainly appears to be the mantra of this year’s competition Millinery ambassador Sylvy Earl. After working in physiotherapy Sylvy fell in love with millinery, and followed her love all the way to a new career path.  The up and coming milliner is taking the world by storm, with beautiful and intricate designs making appearances on media and racing personalities around the country. Selected at this year’s Fashion at The Races millinery ambassador, Sylvy will be creating pieces throughout the year to be worn by the three Channel 7 ambassadors Amelia, Jessica and Rosanna at events around the state.

Sylvy’s profile continues to rise around Adelaide’s fashion community, with her recent move into the brand new Epworth Studios – an initiative by Renew Adelaide to provide a space for Adelaide creatives to work and collaborate. Alongside Sylvy is other fashion designers, as well as an Adelaide based modelling agency.

We found out a little bit more about the talented milliner, as she also prepares for her appearance in the upcoming Adelaide Fashion Festival.

How did you start in the millinery world?

I completed my millinery training in Brisbane in 2011. Millinery perfectly combines my love for beautiful colours, shapes and textures, with my love for hand craftsmanship. Hats also seem to have a special way of making people smile, which I absolutely love!


What would you say is your design aesthetic?

My aesthetic for racing millinery is understated and feminine.


Any top millinery tips?

The hat is only part of your race day outfit, so it's important to find some balance between your hat, clothes, hair, makeup and accessories. But if all that planning bores you, just have fun! Wear something that makes you feel good. Millinery always looks better with a smile.


Who are your millinery inspirations?

Jonathan Howard, Suzy O'Rourke and Lynnette Lim are just a few of my favourite Australian milliners whose incredible work I admire. On race day, Kate Waterhouse always looks very beautiful and chic.


What gives you the ideas for your incredible designs?

Flowers, fashion, art, buildings and interiors are all great sources of inspiration, but I can also find beautiful details in common everyday things.


If you’d like to see more of Sylvy’s work, check out her Instagram. You can also request a custom piece by contacting Sylvy on her website  before your next race day!

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