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8 Things to Always Remember in Race Wear

If Fashion is a planet, Race Wear is a beautiful and historic country. If you're new, welcome! There is an age-old tradition behind dressing for the races, which has maintained its core since its beginnings. As fashion trends have come and gone, race wear has seen hem lines raised, fasciantors evolve and creativity excel. 

The Fashions on the Field competition has been one of the staples of racing for many years now, and some rules have always remained. These 8 aspects of race wear have always been and will continue to be key to dressing for a day at The Races. 


  1. Millinery is essential

    Let us put it this way – you won’t win without something on your head. Millinery is one of the pillars of race wear, so whether it’s a headband, a hat, or a bit of everything, head wear is essential in the criteria. There are so many different kinds of headwear, so always consider what will work best with your outfit. Remember, detailed outfit, simple millinery. Simple outfit, detailed millinery. Racewear White

  2. Accessories are key

    An accessory or two never hurt anyone, and can really complete a look. Jewellery can add that little bit of detail to an understated dress, or maybe a statement clutch. Take a leaf out of 2016-16 FATR Winner Justine’s book, and you could accessorize with brooches that tie in your millinery. Whatever it is, make sure you’re not piling it on and outshining the simplicity of your look.

  3. Colour Coordination

    In many winning racewear looks coordinating your colour palette is a sure way to impress. A shoe matched to a bag can reflect an eye for detail, or a pop of colour in your millinery to standout from a neutral palette. If there’s a dress code for the day, keep your colours and textures in line with the theme.

  4. Avoid Being Under or Over the Top

    In race wear, there’s definitely such a thing as over the top, and indeed under. Even if you’re a millinery whiz, sometimes too many feathers, bows and textures can be too much and outshine your outfit. A simple headband or crown will look beautiful, but may not be enough to cut it in the high stakes. Find a happy medium between a simple look, and going a little bit too far over.
  5. Dress for the Weather

    A key criteria is dressing according to the season of your event, both for fashion and for your own comfort. Wearing a light Summer dress to a winter event doesn’t quite fit into the criteria, and won’t be very enjoyable for you on a cold day either! For Autumn and Winter, think a darker palette, and felts, leathers and wool. In the warmer months, think colour, whites, lace and lighter fabrics.

    Racewear Floral

  6. Beauty is Important

    If it comes down to separating a few incredible looks, judges will be seeing how the beauty looks tie in with the outfit. Unfortunately, an orange tan doesn’t every really suit, and heavy, dark makeup may outshine a beautiful light look. A simple pop of lipstick can complete a neutral look, but no need to overdo it!
  7. It’s not all about name brands

    Don’t confuse trend with name brands when getting dressed up. The competition doesn’t call for the most expensive and fashion forward designers to be on show. A vintage dress found at an Op-shop styled with modern accessories can look just as good as any modern designer. Judges won’t award according to designer, so don’t fret if the high end brands aren’t in your budget.
  8. Be You!

    Most important in the competition is to be you. If you’ve ever had to wear something you don’t quite feel comfortable in, you’ll know it shows. Let your personality shine through in your look, and make race wear your own. The competition is constantly evolving, and new trends are made all the time. Put your own stamp on the competition, and the judges will see your originality and personality.

 Check out the full judging criteria here!

Cover image via Vibrant Concepts


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