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Gentlemen's Grooming Tips

At Fashion at The Races we talk a lot about hair and makeup for ladies. What can we say, it's a fun topic to discuss. There is so much beauty and hair inspiration to be had from our amazing sponsors Evo Hair and Media Makeup. However, we want the gentlemen of South Australia to know we've got your back in the beauty department. We haven't forgetten about you, and we're here to remind you that a race wear outfit doesn't end at the suit accessories. 

For gentlemen, it's essential to remember a good groom completes any outfits, and there is certainly an art to it. We spoke to men's grooming expert Luke Campagnaroa, the barber at Il Barbiere Adelaide. Gentlemen, take note. Ladies, pass this on to the men in your life. 

Melbourne Cup Day is coming up, what are your top tips for men to get race day ready?

Be organize, be bold, and own what you are wearing. Nothing says style like a man who's confident in what he's wearing.

What are some of the experiences gentlemen can have at Il Barbiere?

Gentlemen can expect and experience the best service and quality that a barbershop can offer. We are a traditional barbershop and gentlemen young and old are always welcome throughout doors.

What are your top shaving tips?

It's all in the preparation. Start with a hot towel, to open up your pores. I always put on a pre-shave balm to coat hte skin. When getting a later of foam, use a badger bristle brush as it keeps the skin moist for the razor. Massage for 10 mins, this is vrey important for hte skin to remain supple when shaving. Always use a new blade to shave. True not to ghard with the blade, it should glide on the skin, not pull. Hot Towel again clean and close the pores after you shave. Aftershave balm to refresh the skin. Finish off with your best cologne. 

How important is a good cut and shave for men?

This is the most important thing in a man's life! No matter how you are a feeling, a good cut and shave will always make you feel like a million dollars. 

If you want the Il Barbiere experience make sure to enter Fashion at The Races on Melbourne Cup Day at Morphettville. The best dressed menswear winner will receive as part of their prize a $500 gift pack thanks to Il Barbiere Adelaide, including a hot towel cut throat shave, haircut and style. 

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