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Get the AFF look with Clip Joint Salons

It seems like last week we were revelling in all of the Adelaide Fashion Festival events, with so many incredible runway and fashion events inspiring our style.   

In each event not only were the designs a stand out, but every AFF event featured world class hair and makeup styling on all of the models throughout the week.

With an incredible team of Clip Joint Salons, Media Makeup and EVO Hair, there were so many different looks featured from event to event. From long loose waves to slick up dos, it's no easy feat to transform hair into so many different styles!

We caught up with a few of of the stylists from the Clip Joint Salons locations around town to get the low down on the 2017 Adelaide Fashion Festival, as well as their best tips for race day hair styling.


What is like working backstage at the AFF shows?

Suyen, Clip Joint Salons Burnside Village: Working backstage is a lot of fun! There is a big hype of energy, which you get a buzz from! Styling the runway looks and watching the proces from start to finish is great to see.

What was your favourite event of the Festival?

Samantha, Clip Joint Salons Melbourne Street: The Tiff Mannuell show was my favourite, the colours used were fun and festive!


There were so many different hairstyles throughout the Festival, from wild up-do’s at Tiff Mannuell to gorgeous waves at Paolo Sebastian – how do you approach such different styles?

Samantha: Each hair style requires a lot of prep on the day. It comes down to how the model's hair wants to react.

Were there any notable people’s locks you got to style during the week?

Samantha: All of them! At the Myer Runway, I was that close to asking Jennifer Hawkins if she wanted a comb at the Myer Runway show!


We had so many favourite styles from throughout the event, can you take us through your a couple of the most memorable styles from the week?

Eliza, Clip Joint Salons Rundle Street:

Paolo Sebastian Princess Waves


Step 1: Sprits Day of Grace and Mister Fantastic to prep the hair and give a really even base for styling, then using a tail comb create a really sharp part line on the left hand side working with the arch of the brow then blow dry.

Step 2: Start with horizontal sections 1.5cm thick and 2-3cm wide at the nape. Lightly spray Builder’s Paradise onto the section and then wrap the ends of the hair around tong until ends are secure under the clip and wrap up towards the root. Hold for 8-10 seconds and release. Using your fingers, wrap your curl up into itself and use a pin curl clip to secure to scalp to let it cool down. Repeat for every section.

Step 3: Once you have completed your full head of pin curls let it cool. Wait between 15-30 mins, the longer the better. Once cool, take out all the pin curl clips working up from the nape. Using a nylon mixed bristle brush, brush the curls out and then into your desired shape. Set with Builders Paradise and a light mist of Love Touch.

BNKR Relaxed Buns

Step 1: Dampen the hair down with Day of Grace and Mister Fantastic and pull hair back into a low, loose pony.

Step 2: Using your fingers loosen the hair around your hairline and rough it up so you create the look of fly always and baby hairs; this is a key part of this look!

Step 3: Once you are happy with the amount of texture around the face you can secure your low pony a bit tighter and then twist the hair tightly so that you can pin it into a small bun at the base of your nape using bobby pins to secure. Don’t worry about loose bits coming out, it is all a part of the final look.

Step 4: Finish by spraying Builders’ Paradise to set the style in place and love touch for that natural shine.

 CJS 1

Spring/Summer racing is here! What hair style do you find are common for heading to The Races?

Suyen: Hair styles can range depending on the headpiece and choice of dress. Some go for effortless, while others pull off that sleek look. Waves are always a popular choice!

Do you have any favourite celebrity at the races hair looks?

Eliza: I always love Elle Ferguson, the new classic beach weave paired with a simple orchard hairpiece worn at the back instead of on top of the head; it’s a great way to make the look different to everyone else. Elle is a stand out!

Elle  Ferguson

Race days are long days out, what are your best tips for making your hair last if you can’t get it done at the salon?

Eliza: Indeed, Race day is an early start and a late finish! If you are opting to do your own hair I always suggest 2 options, a very loose wave or a simple low bun or ponytail. These are classic styles and styles that last well over the course of a day, especially when wearing your hair up it doesn’t matter what the weather!

Prep your hair with a few spritz of Mister Fantastic and blow-dry into the hair, this gives a great foundation for any style as it adds texture, hold and thermal protection! For those loose waves, spray each section with Builder’s Paradise before heat styling and let each section cool down, then to really set your hair but add plenty of volume dust some Haze, it has great hold and memory!

After prepping your hair, use your fingers to loosely place your hair into a low messy bun/ponytail, the more texture the better, even spritz a bit of Salty Dog to take it to the next level with a bit of Haze and finish with Love Touch to add a bit of natural shine and beautiful watermelon scent.


To visit these Clip Joint Salons stylists and more, head to their website to check out their many locations around Adelaide and book your next appointment, and check them out on Instagram at @clipjointsalons

Images courtesy of Clip Joint Salons

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