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Meet Murray Bridge Christmas Cup winner- Rose Slape

Meet, Rose Slape. She was sashed with the 2018 Murray Bridge Christmas Cup - Best Dressed Womenswear title last Sunday. We spent some time with Rose after her win to get to know her (and her racing style) a little more.

Tell us about your winning outfit. What are you wearing today?

My outfit consisted of a Thurley dress, Claire Hahn boater hat, Nine West heels and a Tony Bianco clutch bag.

What process did you go through to plan and choose this ensemble? 

The stunning lace and shades of blue caught my eye when it was listed for hire on a racing page I follow. I then spent an entire day scouring the shops to find shoes and a bag in the right shade of blue!

Where did your love for racing fashion begin? 

My love for racing fashion began around 5 or 6 years ago. While attending a local country race meet with friends. I was awed by the glamorous ladies competing in the fashion competition - it seemed like such a great opportunity to dress up and feel fabulous!

What was your first racing event and how has your style evolved since?

My first racing event was the Millicent Cup. I wore a vintage-style coat dress that I actually still really love! I do tend to go more modern with my outfits now, but will occasionally add a classic touch.

Who are your racewear style icons?

I follow Milano Imai's fashion blog for all things racing fashion, and Meghan Markle for effortless-yet-glam style.

What are your favourite labels for racewear? 

Thurley is my favorite label at the moment, their attention to detail is incredible! There has also been some gorgeous styles from Finders Keepers and C/meo Collective this season.

Tell us about your makeup. What look did you choose and what key products did you use? 

I chose to do my own makeup for this race meet. Racing makeup should be more demure than for a night out so I went with golden tones for the face, bold eyes and a nude lip. A good quality primer and fabulous eyelashes are a must!!

What products do you always take in your bag for a day at the races? 

I try to be prepared for a day at the races with spare bobby pins, bandaids and a bit of matte powder to touch up through the day.

How did you choose a hairstyle? What styling process did your locks go through? 

I kept my hairstyle to a simple donut bun, so all attention was on the millinery. I did make sure my colour was freshened up before the races as attention to detail is important!

How would you describe your personal style? 

I would describe my personal style as modern and elegant with plenty of colour!

How do you spend your time when you’re not at racing events? 

When not at racing events, my husband and I love to spend time at the beach, camping, or working hard renovating houses!

Why should everyone book in a day at the races this year? 

The races offer a great day out for everyone! A glass of bubbly with friends in the sunshine is always a good idea.

What is your favourite race day to go to and why?

My favourite race day is the Millicent Cup as it's my local town's meet. It's such a social day and everyone loves the chance to dress up!

What is the biggest mistake women make when dressing for a racing carnival? 

The biggest mistake anyone can make dressing for a race meet is being uncomfortable! Dress for the weather, in shoes you can walk in, then it's much easier to enjoy the day.

What is your style advice for first-time racegoers? 

My style advice for first time racegoers is to have fun! Put an outfit together that reflects your personal style and you feel comfortable in, surround yourself with great company and just enjoy the day!

Rose is a qualifying state finalist for Fashion at The Races 2018/19. To be sure you have a chance to win, make sure to dress your best at one of the next qualifying events. To see the full list of qualifying events click here.

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