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Meet Bordertown Cup winner- Brianna Scanlon

Meet, Brianna Scanlon. She was sashed with the 2018 Bordertown Cup - Best Dressed Womenswear last Sunday. We spent some time with Brianna after her win to get to know her (and her racing style) a little more.

Tell us about your winning outfit. What did you wear?
I designed my outfit and my local dress maker Di Mclaughlin made it come to life! We originally started with a base idea and as we progressed we slightly altered a few things from the original design and finished with a beautiful creation. My millinery is by the amazing Melissa Barnes from Adorn Collection, I knew I wanted a halo and saw Melissa's design at the spring carnival last year. I was very lucky that she could make it for me. There is over 15hours of work that went into it, individual circles were cut and lots of colour matching samples to go along with it. Melissa is a perfectionist- which paid off! Seeing as my outfit was very vibrant I wanted to make sure my accessories were simple and not taking away from the rest of the outfit.I chose to wear statement earrings from Ashlee Lauren. My shoes were from Rebellious Fashion- I wanted a thicker stiletto to be more practical for the track and the Perspex straps make the underneath material of the skirt stand out more. For my clutch I wanted something to go with the heels so a Perspex clutch from worked well along with a pink insert to hold all my bag needs.

What process did you go through to plan and choose this ensemble?
This ensemble was one that I originally wore to the Myer SA State Final this year. It is such a fun and outgoing piece I couldn’t go past giving it another outing!

Where did your love for racing fashion begin?
My Nanna was always into dressing up nicely no matter where she went. When she passed we found an entire suitcase of hats and millinery that she use to wear. One of my all-time favourite pieces of millinery is actually made from one of her hats thanks to Helen Varcoe! I decided to enter one day for the fun of it and haven't stopped since! It’s addicting and kind of an ode to my Nanna for her love for fashion.

What was your first racing event and how has your style evolved since?
It was the Millicent Cup a few years ago now and my style has changed a lot! I wore a dress just above my knees whereas now I opt for midi length style. For millinery I use to wear perches whereas now I prefer a boater or halo/crown style.

Who are your race wear style icons?

I always have adored anything Nadia Bartel wears to the races and you can never go past Jen Hawkins.

What are your favourite labels for race wear?
Thurley! I love anything Thurley, I also love Asilio and most recently Acler and Atoir!

Tell us about your makeup. What look did you choose and what key products did you use?
I am a beauty therapist so makeup is a big thing for me. I chose to keep my skin nice and fresh looking by using 'Too Faced Born This Way' foundation, I then applied NARS liquid bronzer and MAC Soft and Gentle highlighter and finished the base off with NARS blush as well. I kept the eyes nice and soft by using a light brown shadow in the crease and then using the same MAC highlighter in the corners of my eyes and underneath my brow bone to highlight those points on my face. False lashes are a must for me, I like using Model Rock Kit Ready Lashes. I think if you use the right set of false lashes you can really make your eyes stand out and pop! For my lips I wanted to keep it very simple with Kylie Cosmetics 'Koko' lip liner topped with Revlon #619 mixed with BYS Liquid Lip #22.

What products do you always take in your bag for a day at the races?
Lash glue, lipstick, bobby pins, cotton tips, band aids and sometimes a needle and thread just in case and perfume.

How did you choose your hairstyle? What styling process did your locks go through?
A simple bun was needed for this millinery. I didn’t want anything taking away from all its detail. I always make sure I wash my hair 2 days before and blow dry styling moose into it so it's ready with enough grip to mould it anyway you need it to go.

How would you describe your personal style?
Depends what day you catch me on! If you see me around I'm always in flowy linen shirts and lately mum style high waisted jeans. I'm usually up to trying new trends as well.

How do you spend your time when you’re not at racing events?
Working! I own my own salon so usually I'm working Monday to Saturday and my rest day is Sunday. I like spending time with my partner which usually ends up in us taking the dog for a run along the beach or we have a relaxing day and go out for brunch. 

Why should everyone book in a day at the races this year?
It's so much fun that's why! Who doesn't love a chance to dress up and drink beautiful wine and indulge in yummy food while mingling with friends and watching the amazing horses run?

What is your favourite race day to go to and why?
I would have to say my local cup in Millicent. There’s just something about a small country race meet that warms my heart!

What is the biggest mistake women make when dressing for a racing carnival?
Being uncomfortable! Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and clothing. There is nothing worse than sitting at a race event feeling super uncomfortable- it'll ruin your day!

What is your style advice for first-time racegoers?
Stay true to you. Don't be afraid to wear something bold if that's what you feel like doing! Let your personality show through your outfit and have fun putting your outfit together.

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