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Meet our Port Lincoln Cup Winner - Tamra Karolewicz

Meet, Tamra Karolewicz. She won the 2019 Port Lincoln Cup Best Dressed Womenswear title last Friday. We got Tamra to answer some questions after her win to get to know her (and her racing style) a little more.

Tell us about your winning outfit. What were you wearing?

Dress by Talulah, fascinator Morgan & Taylor, bag Olga Berg, shoes Sol Sana.

What process did you go through to plan and choose this ensemble?

I had my eye on the dress at the end of last year, thinking “oh that would be great for the races!” I didn’t purchase it at the time in case something better came up, but I ended up always going back to that one when I was choosing my outfit. It’s different and eye catching, and easy to match accessories with. I had to make sure I got the right kind of pink when I was choosing my bag and millinery. I was going to pair it with pink shoes as well, but I didn’t think I would wear pink shoes again! 

Where did your love for racing fashion begin?

After going to my first racing event and watching the Fashions At The Races competition – it looked like so much fun. Seeing Instagram posts from events like the Melbourne Cup always ignites my desire to go to the races.

What was your first racing event and how has your style evolved since?

My first racing event was the Kimba Cup in 2016. I had little idea of what was appropriate race wear at the time but it has definitely evolved for the better!

Who are your racewear style icons?

Jennifer Hawkins, Elyse Knowles.

What are your favourite labels for racewear?

Talulah and Thurley always seem to get it right.

Tell us about your makeup. What look did you choose and what key products did you use?

I opted for an elegant look with bold eyes. I didn’t wear hot pink lipstick because I thought it looked “too much” haha! The weather forecast on the day was 41 degrees, so I made sure I wore tinted zinc underneath my base. NARS foundation has excellent staying power, and I used a setting spray to make sure my look lasted all day and through to the night. 

What products do you always take in your bag for a day at the races?

Phone, money and lipstick – not much room for anything else!

How did you choose a hairstyle? What styling process did your locks go through?

My dress was so loud, so I opted for a classic ponytail to keep the focus on the dress and to show my décolletage. My neighbour is a hairdresser and she helped me out on the day, thank you Kym!

How would you describe your personal style?

I like to keep up with current trends while also incorporating my own creative flair. I like both neutral tones as well as bright colours. I’m a sucker for brand names, which isn’t good for the bank account!

How do you spend your time when you’re not at racing events?

I live on the Eyre Peninsula, and there is plenty to do! I spend time exploring the coast and beaches, while socialising with friends. I am an Optometrist and I am thoroughly enjoying that.

Why should everyone book in a day at the races this year?

It is fun exploring fashion that you wouldn’t normally wear day to day, and everyone is there for a good time so you’re guaranteed to enjoy your day while being around like minded people. 

What is your favourite race day to go to and why?

Any! Preferably one that is on a Friday to allow for a couple days of recovery. 

What is the biggest mistake women make when dressing for a racing carnival?

Dressing for a night out at the club.

What is your style advice for first-time racegoers?

Feel comfortable in your outfit so you walk with confidence all day.

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