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Meet our Millicent Cup winner - Tanya Scanlon

Meet, Tanya Scanlon. She won the 2019 Millicent Cup Best Dressed Womenswear title on Sunday 31 March. We got in touch with Tanya after her win to get to know her her a little more... 

Tell us about your winning outfit. What were you wearing?

Trelise Cooper Dress, Miss Louise Milinery headpiece, Lovisa brooch, Windsor Smith Shoes, Colette Hayman bag, belt and gloves from my sisters wardrobe and earrings from Kmart.

What process did you go through to plan and choose this ensemble?

I am very lucky to have a little sister that is a regular to the Fashion At The Races competitions. She helped me plan my outfit by finding the dress first. From here I went on the hunt for my millinery which I spotted online on the Millinery Market. Once the two staple pieces were in place the rest just fell into place!

Where did your love for racing fashion begin?

After attending the Mount Gambier Gold Cup in 2016, and seeing my sister win the Millicent Cup the year prior, I just loved the fashion that I saw and wanted to join in on the fun myself!

What was your first racing event and how has your style evolved since?

My first event was Mount Gambier Gold Cup in 2016. My style has evolved since then thanks to trawling Instagram and following fashion icons to keep up with what’s on trend and what’s hot each season.

Who are your racewear style icons?

Nadia Bartel, Bec Judd & Cest Vogue.

What are your favourite labels for racewear?

Where do I start!! Thurley, Keepsake, Eliya The Label, Pasduchas..the list is endless!

Tell us about your makeup. What look did you choose and what key products did you use? 

I had my makeup professionally done by Makeup By Kirralie Jade. I showed her the colour of my dress and the colours in my headpiece and she created my eyes based on the gold and copper in my headpiece and a glossy lip a few shades lighter than my dress. 

What products do you always take in your bag for a day at the races?

Bobby pins, band aids and safety pins just in case there are any outfit malfunctions.

How did you choose a hairstyle? What styling process did your locks go through?

I played around the week leading up to the event with a few different styles and decided to go with curls pulled to one side...the side of the headpiece where there wasn’t as much detail so it balanced out. Pierina from Pierinas Hair and Body Concept who ran the touch up tent at the races did my hair.

How would you describe your personal style?

Classic feminine with a modern twist.

How do you spend your time when you’re not at racing events?

I enjoy attending Motorsport events especially F1 and V8 Supercars and travelling with my husband.

Why should everyone book in a day at the races this year?

It’s a chance to dress up and enjoy a day out. 

What is your favourite race day to go to and why?

The Dubai World Cup - I lived in Dubai for 4 years and was very lucky to attend this amazing event. It’s such a great event to people watch and the fashions are next level! Here in Australia my favourite event would be the Mount Gambier Gold Cup - there’s lots of marquees set up, which makes it the perfect place to catch up with people, have a drink, a bet and watch the local horses on their home track.

What is the biggest mistake women make when dressing for a racing carnival?

Wearing uncomfortable heels.

What is your style advice for first-time racegoers?

Don’t be afraid to speak to other girls who have participated in FATR events and have been sashed for help, tips and outfit advice! They are all so lovely and supportive. Join the millinery pages on Facebook and Instagram for inspiration also.

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