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The Scott’s Group of Companies Mount Gambier Gold Cup swept the south-east on May 10, bringing some of the state’s most inspired racewear looks to the field on a very breezy Friday. Locals and Mount Gambier tourists took to the track across the racing club’s array of events surrounding the main event, from Breakfast with the Stars, to the Calcutta and on to the Cocktail Party.

However, there is nothing like a Fashion At The Races qualifying event to lure eyes from the course to the stage. The day’s colour palette was a dazzling display of gem tones in emerald, topaz, blue sapphire, citrine, amethyst and ruby. Contestants used textures from silk to felt to add depth to their looks, while many played with flora and fauna patterns, taking the theme right up to their headwear.  

Jasmin Fitzgerald was sashed with Best Dressed Woman, wearing an A-line monochrome midi dress with pearl adornments and a touch of tartan. Pairing the plaid from her dress to her millinery detailing, Jasmin’s ensemble spoke to autumn impressions with leather gloves, a matching purse and black polka-printed Mary Janes.  

Meet the racing fashion aficionados of Mount Gambier below…

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