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Brianna Scanlon sashed the Mount Gambier Cup FOTF winner

Meet, Brianna Scanlon. who was sashed with the 2019 Mount Gambier Best Dressed Womenswear last Friday December 6. We spoke with Brianna about her winning outfit and racing fashion background. 

Tell us about your winning outfit. What are you wearing today?

My dress is from Mossman; I purchased my earrings from Lovisa; My millinery was a Spotlight boater with ribbons attached to it; Shoes were from ASOS (they are super cute reflective heels when photographed with flash on!) and my bag was a great find from my local Op Shop!

What process did you go through to plan and choose this ensemble?

In the beginning I didn’t have this outfit planned to wear for the Gold Cup at all. I tried my original outfit on the night before for the first time and I really didn’t like how it looked. My mum and I frantically started going through our racewear collection and found a plain black boater that she had purchased from Spotlight a few months back; so we then started gathering ribbon from around home to try and recreate the print on the dress that I had formally purchased to wear as a top instead. I also made a quick dash in the morning to Spotlight in between my clients (I had to work before the races) to grab some last minute ribbon to complete the hat. My shoes I had purchased for my original look which worked perfectly and thank goodness they arrived the morning of the races also. Talk about a last minute outfit- I’m so proud we pulled it off!

Where did your love for racing fashion begin?

My Nanna and aunty. My Nanna had always been into dressing beautifully no matter where she had to go. When she passed away, we found a large suitcase full of different millinery that she use to wear. One of my all-time favourite pieces of millinery is actually made from one of her hats thanks to Helen Varcoe- Helen Mary Millinery. My Aunty used to attend multiple racing events with her husband and from what I can recall had won Lady of the Day for the Mount Gambier Cup many years ago. I decided to enter a few years ago just for the fun of it and haven't stopped since. It really is addictive and now I look at it as an ode to my Nanna and Aunty Peg for their love of fashion.

What was your first racing event and how has your style evolved since?

It was a few years ago now at the Millicent Cup and it’s safe to say that my style has changed a lot! I remember I wore a blue dress just above my knees with a black V mesh panel down the front whereas now I opt for a lot more coverage up top and midi length style bottoms. For millinery I used to wear a lot of percher style headwear whereas now I prefer a boater or halo/crown.

Who are your racewear style icons?

I have always adored anything Nadia Bartel wears to the races as well as Stylist Lana Wilkinson, who dresses Jessie Murphy- her outfits are ALWAYS to die for! Within the Fashions on the Field competitions I adore Milano Imai, Annabel Davy and the lovely Eliza Icke and Emily Scodellaro, these ladies all dress true to themselves.

What are your favourite labels for racewear?

I have a few go to labels such as Asilio, Acler, Atoir, Mossman, Elliatt and Thurley. As for millinery, Adorn Collection, Helen Mary Millinery, Ashlee Lauren and Morgan and Taylor.

Tell us about your makeup. What look did you choose and what key products did you use?

I usually do my own makeup as I am a qualified makeup artist but I decided to treat myself and be pampered for once. I had my friend Kirralie (Makeup by Kirralie Jade) do my makeup which was lovely. We kept the eyes pretty neutral as I knew I wanted a pop of colour on my lips. When we get together we love using big lashes on me as it makes the blue in my eyes stand out. I totally forgot to bring my lipstick to my appointment so for the time being we just went with a nude lip until I could get home to put the plum lipstick on.

What products do you always take in your bag for a day at the races?

Depending on the size and shape of my bag I usually take lash glue, lipstick to touch up, spare bobby pins, cotton tips, band aids and sometimes a needle and thread just in case. Oh and some money of course to place a couple of bets!

How did you choose a hairstyle? What styling process did your locks go through?

I booked in with the ever so lovely Hayley Morton (Hair and Beauty by Hayley Bartolo) to do my hair for the day. I knew I wanted a low pony tail of sorts to balance out my hat and neck ribbon. Poor Hayley had her work cut out for her as I have recently just had all my hair cut above my shoulders and arrived with hair extensions in my hand. She was a miracle worker and managed to give me the most beautiful elegant wavy pony I had in mind. 

How would you describe your personal style?

My style changes depending on what day you catch me on. I'm usually pretty casual though and keeping with flowy linen shirts and the popular mum style high waisted jeans. I have recently fallen in love with Nadia Bartel’s label ‘Henne’ and have quite the collection of ‘Argo’ tops and dresses at the moment, I cannot get enough of that style!

How do you spend your time when you’re not at racing events?

Either working or at the farm. I own my own Beauty salon so I'm usually working Monday through Saturday. My partner Sam and I have recently moved in together so lots of house reno’s being done as well as keeping our crazy little puppy entertained out at the farm every Sunday! 

Why should everyone book in a day at the races?

Because it truly is a day for anyone- whether you attend as a family with kids, or catching up with friends, there is something for everyone. The atmosphere is incredible and seeing those beautiful horses galloping down the straight is an amazing sight to see.

What is your favourite race day to go to and why?

Local race meets are my favourite, Millicent, Mount Gambier and Bordertown always put on fantastic events. They make sure to cater for everyone which is really special. 

What is the biggest mistake women make when dressing for a racing carnival?

I think the number one mistake is not dressing for comfort! You have to feel good in what you’re wearing, I think that is a really important thing to take into consideration. Dress how you want to dress, dress for you, then you know you will feel great all day long. And wear comfortable shoes- trust me that will be a life saving tip!

What is your style advice for first-time racegoers?

Stay true to you. Don't be afraid to wear something bold if that's what you feel like doing! Let your personality show through your outfit and have fun putting it together, enjoy the process and don’t be afraid to reach out to fellow racewear ladies. We love seeing new faces at the track and we love helping each other!

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