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Fashion At The Races - Jamestown Cup

Jametown returned to the Fashion At The Races scene for the 2021 Jamestown Cup, and so did the entrants.

There were some amazing outfits on the day, with  Zoë Justice coming away with the winners sash. We had a chat with Zoë after the win.


Tell us about your winning outfit

When I saw this mint green dress, I knew it would be perfect for Spring in beautiful Jamestown and from there I visualised what style of hat would work well with it! I teamed the mint green with pastel pink and the shades of ivory in my millinery.

It created a light and bouncy look which I think fitted in seamlessly with the atmosphere at Jamestown Racing Club, which is of course very joyful, friendly and warm! Saturday’s weather was perfect and the crowd enjoyed themselves immensely!

What did the planning process look like?

It is important to think of the season in terms of outfit materials and style. In general, I will start off with a dress and then will usually think up a design for millinery with the dress in mind, and work creatively with a wonderful milliner to bring it to life.

I tend to find that the balance of accessories will flow from there and I always keep an eye out on my travels for possible accessory pieces!

Where did your love from fashion racing come from?

My Dad took me to the races a lot when I was little and one of my brothers is a local trainer in SA, so going to the races has always been part of my life.

I lived in Melbourne for many years above a millinery shop and used to peek in the window after work at the amazing creations that were being sold there during Spring. It was undoubtedly during my years in Melbourne that getting very dressed up for the races at Flemington became the norm and so I have been collecting millinery pieces for about a decade now.

During Covid, I was unable to do as much travel and so participating in Fashions At The Races has certainly become a bit more of a hobby in times of late! It’s really a fabulous interest to have and one which I share with several friends.

Who are your style icons?

Beyoncé. The Duchess of Cambridge. Francesca Cumani.

What products are a non-negotiables in your bag for the races?

It would be highly unusual if I was without some money for champagne and a wager! The races are a social event for me and I enjoy going with friends or family as a day out and to contribute to the atmosphere!

Describe your personal style

In racing fashion I always aspire for a sophisticated and elegant style that incorporates fashion-forward details or contemporary colours.

How do you spend your time when you’re not at racing events?

I am an avid traveller, scholar of French wine, horse rider, ice skater and salsa dancer. My off the track thoroughbred, Rupert, will receive my undivided attention and delivery of carrots on most days!

What is your style advice for first-time race goers?

I encourage ladies to invest in beautiful millinery which can elevate outfits above basic headbands, to dress for the season, and if wearing heels, to ‘wear in’ a pair before race day.

I encourage gentlemen to be smart and polished and to not shy away from injecting some colour into their own outfits whether it be by way of a lapel flower, a colourful tie or bow-tie, and indeed, to also remember that hats are the domain of both men and women!

Why not wear a hat gents!

Jamestown Cup Fashion At The Races winners

Ladies:  Zoë Justice   Runner-up: Carly Young

Men: Harry Wuttke     Runner-up: Sean Bell

Headpiece: Di Loveday

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